Our concept

Our concept

Carefully designed, beautiful basics

Minimi brings you back to the basics: each toy has great playvalue, a design that is appealing to children as well as their parents, and offers all this at a reasonable price.


Minimi toys are characterised by their attractive design, their lively colours and their outstanding finishing.
The minimi animals are easily recognized. Small children hold them dear, and will imagine a whole world around them.

Minimi offers a well-considered combination of materials and products.


Minimi toys stimulate the senses of small children and provide them with experiences appropriate to their age.
They are a clear and intuitive answer to the needs of 0-3 years, and promote their development through play: stimulation of touch and imagination, learning colors, developing fine motor skills, etc..

For Minimi, packaging is an integral part of the product. We are aware of its importance and will not neglect it. Each packaging stands its ground in a self-selling environment: you will easily find, for instance, the number of activities for each toy, their educational value, but also a manual.


Safe, carefully finished toys, with an efficient packaging.
The materials and finishings of our toys meet all European requirements for safety.